A deep fryer makes your life easy in the kitchen, especially the job of frying. It is also known by different other names, like ‘deep fat fryer’, ‘fryolator’ or simply ‘frier’. In addition to its widespread usage in commercial kitchens, a frier is also becoming a common household kitchen appliance. A fryolator allows you to fry different food items quickly, smoothly and evenly.

Here are five impressive advantages of a deep fryer. On the first place, being an encased gadget, a deep fat fryer keeps hot cooking oil from sprinkling on your hands or face. It also allows for the protected and simple disposal of the hot cooking oil. Secondly, the fryolators from reliable brands happen to be exceptionally clean. So, with their use, you can minimize the amount of oil that spill off during cooking. At the same time, frying foods with a fryolator involves less number of dishes, and the amount of cleanup you will have to do after cooking gets reduced.

The third important benefit of using a deep fryer is that it offers speedy method of cooking. For example, with a high quality fryer, you can fry an entire turkey in just a minute. It will be very helpful especially when there are sudden visitors and you have to make arrangements for a big meal. Fourthly, you must like to go for a deep fryer also because it gives you choice for oil. You are free to pick any type of cooking oil you will use in your fryer. Such an option allows for the consumption of healthy foods and bringing variety in recipes and tastes.

These are just a few benefits of a deep fat fryer. If you want to enjoy all these and several other advantages of this kitchen appliance and want to buy one, you should make the decision carefully. For a collection of dozens of different brands, you can get the best piece while remaining within the confines of your budget. A list of the best deep fryers under 100 has been prepared for you. Each of these products has won excellent rating and positive comments and reviews from the real-life buyers.

#1) Secura Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer with TimerSecura Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer

As you know, Secura is a big name in the domain of kitchen appliances. The Secura Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer  with Timer is a great, feature-rich gadget offered against an economical price package.

It is a big and powerful fryolator built with stainless steel material and offering the capacity of over four liters. There is a built-in timer to allow for a relaxed and tension-free cooking. On the other hand, the package also includes a free Extra Odor Filter.
With the Secura frier, you can easily fry fish and chips at the same time as two of the three fry baskets can simultaneously be dipped in oil.

This cool-touch, stainless steel deep fryer comes with a powerful 1700-watt immersion element which can preheat and recover the oil temperature fast. The large 4.2 liter removable oil tank allow for easy clean-ups. It also has the features of adjustable heat control, odor-filter and see-through window in the lid.

#2) Presto GranPappy Deep Fryer in Basic Black Bucket StylePresto GranPappy Deep Fryer in Basic Black Bucket review

Presto GranPappy Deep Fryer can justifiably be listed among the best deep fryers under 100. Available against just around $30, it is an imported kitchen appliance built with cast aluminum. The heavy-duty cast aluminum has got a nonstick finish.

This electric deep fryer has a basic, black-colored bucket-style countertop. At the lower end, there are skid-resistant rubber feet. With powerful heating, it can maintain the temperature of cooking oil at the optimum automatically.

Against the affordable price, the package also includes a magnetic safety cord, snap-on storage lid and slotted scoop.

#3) Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer with Cool Touch, 2L CapacityHamilton Beach Deep Fryer with Cool Touch, 2L Capacity review

Though having just half as much capacity as that of Secura Triple Basket Electric Fryer, the Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer offers some really great and superior features. With its 2-liter oil capacity, you can easily cook up to six cups of French fries or the chicken tenders.

The cool touch sides of the fryer act as a great safety feature. It keeps the hands from burning if you touch the side accidently. Meanwhile, the breakaway cord prevents the fryer from tipping over in case the cord is snagged.

It has also got a view window to monitor the cooking safely as such a lid can avoid hot splatter.

The basket is supplied with hooks for easy and mess-free drainage. You can lift the basket while the lid is still on. The fryer also ensures fast-heating and easy frying through the immersed heating element. So, you should find it an advanced deep frying package, won’t you?

#4)  Chefman Deep Fryer with Basket Strainer and Removable Oil ContChefman Deep Fryer with Basket Strainer reviewainer

The jumbo size fryolator has a huge 4 liter capacity (though a bit less than that of Secura Triple Basket Fryer) which makes it a perfect choice for parties, movie nights, dinners and big family gatherings.

It has got a powerful 1700-watt heating element to fry the food quickly and to perfection. This also allows the fryer to cook several different types of food items, including chicken, French fries, shrimps, and so on.

You would definitely want to get faster cooking without affecting the quality of food. This is what the Chefman Fryer promises to offer.

The built-in temperature control mechanism can easily adjust the heat for faster cooking. Here it is also worth-noticing that the product is being offered with a 1 year warranty.


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